Vale Original Detox

Vale Original 16oz Detox


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Product Description

Vale Original 16oz Detox

Vale Original assists with normal digestion by cleansing out any stubborn toxins from your body. Experts know how to pass a hair drug test with superior products offering complete body cleansing. Vale Original delivers many minerals, vitamins and nutrients for replenishing your system.


Mr. John Styth Pemberton invented Coca-Cola as a medicine with kola, alcohol and cocaine in the original formula. Eventually, the alcohol and cocaine were removed. Coke is not only a great beverage but is also used for baby colic, gum removal from hair and as battery acid. South Americans chew coca leaves for energy.

Vale Original works within an hour to remove poisons from your body. This is how to pass a hair drug test getting foreign bodies out. Vale sells this 16-ounce drink to provide energy and support your immunity system.

“Sticky Toxins”

Your body is best at processing natural elements. When man-made agents enter your system, your system gets clogged up. This is how to pass a hair drug test to remove artificial agents.

Vale Original targets unnatural ingredients. Professionals know how to pass a hair drug test by removing artificial contaminants.

“Manufactured Medicines”

Medicines are meant to activate the body to cleanse itself. Once these medicines have completed their work, some artificial ingredients may remain. Vale Original works well on removing this artificial residue.

Toxins may stay in your body for hours, days or forever, if you don’t remove them manually. Vale Original works with the human chemical and biological processes to remove sticky toxins. You can learn how to pass a hair drug test by removing toxins.

“Passing Pre-Employment Tests”

Vale detoxification reduces toxin levels to the acceptable range for passing pre-employment tests. Vale Original permits manual cleansing to jump start the body’s natural processes. Experts teach consumers how to pass a hair drug test with style.

“Similar Ingredients to Other Detox Drinks”

Vale Original has the solid array of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Other ingredients include creatine, dextrose, folic acid, magnesium and zinc. You can choose from island punch or citrus flavors. Know how to pass a hair drug test with solid nutrients for a stronger body.

“Special Bottles”

One problem with clear containers is sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can contaminate beverages in clear containers. Vale is unique amongst detox companies in creating a special bottle to protect against ultra-violet light.

Carefully follow the instructions in drinking the bottle and refill it with water for proper flushing. Reviews have been very favorable for this Vale detox drink.

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